Used HMK 260 E arrives at Piteå, Sweden from Västerås

Used HMK 360 E arrives at Grenaa from Copenhagen.

3 used HMK 260 E under way from Denmark to Egypt.

HMK 260E loaded in Finland for transport to Montenegro.

Mobile Harbour Cranes

Make Model Year Approx.Hours Capacity Attachments More
Gottwald HMK 260 E SOLD 17.000 100t / 17m
23t / 44m
EH5 spreader Crane info Load chart
Gottwald HMK 170 E SOLD 9.500 63t / 20m
22t / 40m
None Crane info Load chart

Shiploaders and Bulkhandlers

Make Year Capacity Description More
Samson Shiploader SOLD 2000t/h Samson Feeder and Shiploader Link
CimbriaShiploader SOLD 500t/h Hopper, Transfer Conv.Shiploading Link

Electrohydraulic, Hydraulic and Mechanical Grabs

Make Type Volume Deadweight Best for Power More
MRSGreifer SOLD 10,0m3 10.000kg woodchips, bio-fuel Data
MRSGreifer SOLD 8 m 3 6.500 kgs Bulk < 1,5 t/m 3 46,2 kW (40%) Data
MRSGreifer SOLD 6 m 3 9.000 kgs Scrap Orange peel < 2,5 t/m 3 56,2 kW Data (40%) Data


Make Model Year Approx. Hours Capacity Attachments More