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Repeat orders for MRS grabs

Port-Trade has secured new orders for grabs from customers in Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden. Total number of grab deliveries now approaches 200....

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FF Skagen

FF Skagen A/S is one of the world’s largest producers of fishmeal and fish oil. Founded more than 50 years ago by fishermen and still primarily owned ...

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Dedicated to high capacity dry bulk handling and specific general cargo work, the cranes have limited capacity for hook work. The crane capacity is 9 ...

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New cranes at Swedeharbour

The two new GHMK 6507 B 4-rope cranes, each have 125 tons heavy lifting capacity, out to 20 m radius. Initially the cranes mainly handle scrap. Max. g...

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Hofor E-Crane

The 10 tons capacity E-Crane material handler serves vessels up to Panamax size. The crane will handle coal and biofuels for the power generating plan...

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Eimskip acquires

Eimskip Islands ehf, a leading and growing shipping company, operating in the entire North Atlantic, has bought two preowned Gottwald Model 7 mobile h...

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CMP orders

Already in 1990, forward-looking CMP (then KFS – Københavns Frihavns- og Stevedoreselskab) purchased their first diesel-electric Gottwald mobile harbo...

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Aalborg Energi Teknik orders

The new feeder, handling bone and meat meal, is the third Feeder unit that AET orders from Samson Materials Handling Ltd. The first two handle wood ch...

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Second MRS biofuel grab

Södertälje Hamn has taken delivery of their second fully hydraulic 9,5 m3 MRS cactus grab for handling wood chips. The grab has a dead weight of 5,5 t...

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Timars Mancages

Port-Trade has delivered Timars man cages to Faroe Ship in Torshavn and Eimskip in Reykjavik. They are designed for attachment under 20’ container spr...

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