Associated Danish Ports orders another GOTTWALD

Associated Danish Ports orders another GOTTWALD

Associated Danish Ports orders another GOTTWALD mobile harbour crane for their Fredericia Terminal

The 110 ton capacity GHMK 6407 is the first Generation 5 crane in Denmark.

Enjoying a steady increase in traffic, ADP management took a good look at their future equipment requirements and decided to replace their oldest Gottwald crane, a 52 ton capacity Gottwald HMK 280 E from 1992, with a stronger new crane.

The mandatory tendering process was won by Gottwald Port Technology, Düsseldorf, offering a 7 axle mobile harbour crane, which lifts 110 t at 22 m and 35 t at max radius 51 m.

Main crane functions of all Gottwald mobile harbour cranes are of the proven and energy efficient diesel-electric design, saving at least 25% on diesel oil consumption, compared with even the most electronically controlled diesel hydraulic designs.

The Gottwald diesel electric drive design permits straightforward connection to an external power supply, further reducing energy consumption, service costs and emission of fumes.

The efficiency, reliability, low maintenance cost and longer life of electrical systems are well known and accepted in the crane industry world wide. These systems are now introduced also in other  cargo handling equipment, including straddle carriers, stacking cranes and automated vehicles.

The new Generation 5 features a number of attractive features such as wireless remote controls and positive air pressure in the whole crane, keeping out dust from bulk handling.

All stairways are made of aluminium adding further corrosion protection. Paint systems are waterbased.