Gottwald mobile harbour crane for Faroe

Gottwald mobile harbour crane for Faroe

The new crane working on Faroe Ship vessel Blikur.

Gottwald mobile harbour crane for Faroe Ship in Tórshavn

Faroe Ship has taken delivery of a brand new Gottwald mobile harbour crane model 6407 at the Port of Torshavn in the Faroe Islands.

The new, proffessional crane will enable Faroe Ship to significantly increase containerhandling rates on vessels which are calling Torshavn now and in the forseeable future.

In addition, the new crane establishes a new capability to handle heavy loads up to 100 tons at radii up to 24 m.

Also, the crane can operate a large motorgrab, in case bulk materials need to be unloaded at Torshavn at any time in the future.

The new Gottwald crane is a diesel electric crane and the most environmentally friendly choice on the market. It has the lowest noise level available and, with the high efficiency of the electric drives, it has the lowest consumption of dieseloil per running hour.

In order to utilize the crane’s full capacity, the port infrastructure will be enhanced in the coming years.

The crane is manufactured by Gottwald Port Technology GmbH, located in Düsseldorf.

Gottwald are the world’s leading manufacturers of mobile harbour cranes,

Gottwald and their agent Port –Trade ApS, located in Denmark, are very proud to deliver this crane to the Faroe Islands, helping to strenghten handling capabilities in an exiting and demanding location.

Some characteristics of the new crane are:

  • Total operating weight 415 tons, carried on 8 axles
  • Power plant 750 kW, dieselelectric operation
  • Self propelled, easy positioning with normal and crab steering
  • Automatic container spreader 20’-40’
  • Designed for handling heavy cargo, containers with a spreader and bulk with motorgrab

Max. lifting capacities:

  • Under the hook 100t at radius 24 m
  • Under container spreader 41 tons at radius 43 m
  • Motorgrab capacity 25 t at radius 48 m