To support continued growth in container volumes and to safeguard a high level of reliability for its customers, Mälarhamnar in the autumn of 2006 assessed their status and future requirements.

Having so far depended heavily on a well served but older rail mounted crane, the Port recognized that it had to face the real risk that major components could suddenly fail and knock out the crane.

After quick and careful evaluation, management concluded that it needed a versatile solution, enabling the Port to offer a combination of high speed professional container handling, efficient bulk operations and the possibility to offer customers a heavy lifts capability.

Having previously studied and monitored the market, Mälarhamnar selected a diesel electric mobile harbour crane type HMK 260 E from Gottwald Port Technology, which met all requirements and could be rapidly delivered.

The exact same crane model had only one year earlier been delivered to the Port of Södertälje, only 1 hour’s drive away from Mälarhamnar. Thus, both ports decided on energy sufficient diesel electric driven cranes, which can also run on an external quay power supply.

Besides being even more economic to operate, running on quay power, also eliminates emissions from the engine, honouring both port’s environmental certifications. Also noise levels, already very low, are reduced even further.

In addition to the the crane, Mälarhamnar also bought a brand new 45’ VDL telescopic container spreader, type CH 6650. This spreader is a “true’’ 45’ spreader, which allows efficient use of the flippers at the ends of 45’ containers, improving handling rates.

In Sweden, Port-Trade has earlier supplied VDL Spreaders to Skelleftehamn, Oxelösunds Hamn, Oskarshamns Hamn, Åhus Hamn, Södra Cell and Terminal West. (Note: VDL spreaders were previously sold as ‘Smits’ spreaders).

To help achieve optimum results with crane and spreader, Mälarhamnar and Port-Trade have also made a regular service and maintenance agreement.