Mälarhamnar, Port of Västerås

Mälarhamnar, Port of Västerås

Mälarhamnar, Port of Västerås in Sweden, strengthens bulk handling capabilities:
Existing gantry is retrofitted with an E-Crane, capable of handling 11 tons at 26.4 m radius.

Cooperating closely with its Scandinavian dealer Port-Trade ApS, E-Crane International has secured an order to supply a balance crane type 11264 to Mälarhamnar AB, Port of Västerås, approx. 80 km west of Stockholm. (See the news item after commissioning: E-Crane in Port of Västerås now operational)

On a recent business trip with Mr. Kent Carlsson of Mälarhamnar, making a pre-delivery inspection of two MRS 4-rope grabs, Port-Trade sales manager Peter Muller learnt that the Port of Västerås was considering to upgrade their bulk handling capability.

A few weeks later Peter was asked to make suggestions as to how Mälarhamnar might fulfil the capacity increase and Peter, knowing that E-Crane had just supplied a new and bigger E-Crane to a Venezuelan customer and traded in an almost new type 11264 superstructure, suggested Mr. Carlsson have a closer look.

After an intensive group study, it was concluded that the E-Crane presented an excellent opportunity for Mälarhamnar and subsequent contract negotiations were concluded within a few weeks.

After overhaul and various modifications at the E-Crane factory in Adegem, Belgium, the superstructure will be moved to Västerås in August 2003 and will be fitted onto an existing rail mounted crane gantry.
The E-Crane will be delivered with three fully hydraulic MRS grabs:

  • two 10 m3 coal grabs and
  • one 3.5 m2 log grapple

Det Norske Veritas was involved in the project from the beginning and will certify the crane before it commences operation at the end of August 2003, handling a variety of bulk materials such as coal, ore, wood chips and logs.

Arguments favouring the uniquely balanced E-Crane

  • The balancing counterweight compensates the boom weight and energy is only used to move the cargo, reducing energy consumption to only half of what common excavator type machines will consume. Maintenance requirements are similarly lower.
  • With its push down capability, the grabs will always fill completely. At the same time, cycle times are short and discharge rates will reach 5-700 tph with coal.
  • E-Cranes are standard engineered to A8 crane-classification, resulting in longer life and lower lifetime cost.
  • The E-Crane standard superstructure will fit onto a variety of carriages: pedestal, crawler, rubber-tyred or, as is the case in Västerås, onto an existing gantry.

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