New B&W Stormajor shiploader to Fredericia

New B&W Stormajor shiploader to Fredericia

The Stormajor receiving from a materials handler, unloading a vessel. Material is discharged at a regulated rate into the reception unit of the storage building.

New B&W Stormajor shiploader to Fredericia Shipping A/S

Fredericia Shipping extends bulk operations

Fredericia Shipping A/S, who is a leading Danish logistics company, based in Fredericia, has extended its operations to the Port of Grenaa, where they have established a new storage facility for bulk materials.

Efficient handling of bulk materials – 400 tph

To support efficient handling of a variety of bulk materials such as grains, feed stuffs, wood pellets, fertilizer and salt, Fredericia Shipping has invested in a brand new B&W Stormajor. The peak capacity is 400 tph (at material density 1 t/m3).

The Stormajor is essentially a 4 m wide Samson reception unit in combination with a straight 23 m long belt conveyor.

The unit is designed to receive bulk materials directly from trucks, front end loaders and crane grabs.

The belt conveyor can slew 25° to either side and luff between 2° and 30°.

Variety of applications

The versatile machine is mobile and has been designed for a variety of applications, such as:

– Ship loading
– Ship unloading and discharge to link conveyor or screen
– Stockpiling inside storage buildings or outside
– Tanker truck loading

20 years’ experience

Fredericia Shipping selected the B&W Stormajor on the basis of more than 20 years’ good experience with another B&W Stormajor of lighter construction.

The Stormajor receiving from a lorry and loading a coaster.