Port of Åhus buys

Port of Åhus buys

Port of Åhus buys two new MRS grabs

Åhus Hamn & Stuveri A/S, an important port, located strategically on the south-east coast of Sweden, has ordered one 5.5 m3 4-rope grab and one 5.5 m3 electro-hydraulic grab from
Port-Trade, bringing the total number of MRS grabs in operation at the port to nine.

Technical manager Mats Andersson, in charge of the purchase tender:

‘Since many years we have used various types of mechanical and electro-hydraulic grabs and we were already familiar with the excellent productivity and technical quality of the MRS grabs.

We get good advice and after sales service from Port-Trade as well as attractive prices, and after checking all the options there was no doubt in the minds of our crane drivers and our technical team to choose MRS grabs once more’.

For more information about Åhus Hamn & Stuveri AB, go to www.ahushamn.se.