Port of Kokkola (Karleby)

Port of Kokkola (Karleby)

Port of Kokkola (Karleby) in Finland buys a new E-Crane

The Port of Kokkola has ordered a new equilibrium crane from E-Crane International.
The crane will mainly handle a variety of bulk materials, such as iron ore pellets.
Designated 17359B GA-E, the E-crane has 17 tons grab capacity at 36m outreach and is big enough to service Panamax vessels.
Mounted on a railbound gantry, the crane will be electrically powered.

Following the mandatory tendering process, the Port selected an equilibrium crane from E-Crane International as their preferred choice.

Given the importance and size of the investment, a team, chaired by Tapio Lampinen, carefully studied the incoming proposals and has inspected various crane types in Finland, Canada and Belgium.
E-Crane’s manufacturing facilities and quality control procedures were critically reviewed, before a firm order was placed.

The case for the equilibrium principle

The equilibrium principle, perfected and implemented successfully in more than 200 cranes world wide by Indusign N.V., provides a near perfect balance between a movable counterweight and the weight of the crane boom, the stick and half of the payload.

The benefits are:

  1. Very low energy consumption compared to other materials handling machines
    b. Smooth crane movements
    c. High operator comfort, supporting high productivity

The E-Crane design is based on high quality fabrication of all load carrying steel construction, high class corrosion protection and hydraulic components from renowned suppliers such as Rexroth and Caterpillar.
Design classification meets FEM A8, which is the highest possible. Design life is around 40.000 operating hours.Electronic controls include the possibility of remote diagnostics and semi automatic crane operation.

All significant spare parts, including slew bearings, pumps and cylinders are kept in stock at the factory in Belgium and can be delivered at very short notice. This limits the operator’s spare parts stock requirement to parts needed for regular maintenance plus a limited selection of items, which are convenient to have on hand.

Designer and manufacturer Indusign N.V. in Belgium is the sole owner of E-Crane World Wide (USA) and E-Crane International (Europe).

About Port-Trade

Port-Trade is E-Crane’s representative for the Nordic region and specialize in cargo and materials handling equipment.