Second E-crane sold to Mälarhamnar

Second E-crane sold to Mälarhamnar

Two E-cranes working at Västerås

Second E-crane sold to Mälarhamnar, Västerås 

15,5 tons at 12,1 m. Max. radius: 31,7 m

Like the first E-crane balance crane (see news item) this second crane was also delivered as a complete upper unit and mounted onto an existing rail mounted gantry.

All operations are controlled from the crane cabin, without any manual action on the quay.

Stevenel lifting beams, MRS grabs

In addition to the crane Port-Trade delivered two Stevenel remotely operated lifting beams (see news item) and four MRS hydraulic grabs.

OilQuick connector units

For easy attachment and detachment of the auxiliary equipment, Port-Trade supplied OilQuick connector units, which connect the equipment to the rotator, on the tip of the crane stick.
The OilQuick units connect mechanically and also plug in the hydraulic lines.

Unique advantages of the E-crane balance crane

  • The movable counterweight maintains a perfect equilibrium with the pay load under all conditions.
  • Energy is needed only to move the load and energy consumption is only about half of what is used by a traditional hydraulic materials handler.
  • The driver can push the stick into the bulk material with half the lifting capacity and thereby make sure the grab is always fully filled.
  • The driver has full control over the movements of the crane and high crane speeds reduce cycle times and increase productivity.
  • Unlike traditional material handlers, E-Cranes are designed to the highest possible crane classification A8. This results in reliability, long life and lowest maintenance costs.
  • E-Crane can be delivered on, pedestal, crawlers or rail mounted gantry.