Terminal West AB, Varberg, buys new Smits

Terminal West AB, Varberg, buys new Smits

Terminal West AB, Varberg, buys new Smits Container Spreader from Port-Trade ApS

The new spreader will be suitable for operation with the Terminal’s Gottwald Mobile Harbour Crane and with the NDC Portal Crane

The spreader type CH 6600 LW has a lifting capacity of 41 tons, evenly distributed, and will be supplied with a small platform to carry dockworkers.

The hydraulic system is duplicated so if one pump or motor should break down, the spreader can continue working, albeit at reduced speed.

Movement of flippers, twist-locks and gravity adjustment are all through robust hydraulic cylinders.

Gravity adjustment +/- 1200 mm, can easily be carried out in the air, with full load.

Controls are handled in Enron PLC-system, signals are transmitted via ASI-Bus.

Electric cabinets are stainless steel and include heaters, which will work when the spreader is suspended from the crane. There is also a parking connection for the heaters.

For easy maintenance and fault finding, Terminal West has also bought a TouchScreen Manipulator which enables service personnel to carry out all movements in the shop. The Manipulator also carries operational statistics and a maintenance record.


For more information about Terminal West AB, please click www.hallandshamnar.se 

More about Smits, please click www.vdlcontainersystemen.com