Within a short time period, three Swedish

Within a short time period, three Swedish

GHMK 6407 operating in Port of Södertälje

Within a short time period, three Swedish east coast ports bought Generation 5 GOTTWALD mobile harbour cranes

One GHMK 6407 each for Umeå in north- and Södertälje in mid Sweden are the first Generation 5 cranes in Sweden.

A smaller model GHMK 4406 was bought by Oskarshamn in the south. This 100 ton capacity crane is slightly stronger than the well known model HMK 280 E of Generation 4.

For Umeå it is the fourth Gottwald crane. The first Gottwald crane, an HMK 150 E for Holmsund Terminal was purchased by the Port already 1984 and is still going strong. The Port also has two HMK 170 E.

Södertälje Port, who since 2005 operated an HMK 260 E, found traffic expanding so rapidly that it was decided to replace this crane with a GHMK 6407.

Port of Oskarshamn has been operating an HMK 260 since 2001. Rapidly increasing traffic necessitated purchase of another, larger crane. Many years’ experience with both diesel-hydraulic cranes and with the diesel-electric crane from Gottwald made it easy for technical staff and crane drivers to prefer the latter.

The cranes at Oskarshamn operate with container spreader and electrohydraulic MRS grabs supplied by Port-Trade.

The case for ‘green’ diesel electric drives

Main crane functions of all Gottwald mobile harbour cranes are of the proven and energy efficient diesel-electric design, saving at least 25% on diesel oil consumption, compared with even the best electronically controlled diesel hydraulic designs.

All equipment manufacturers continue their quest for optimizing energy use, however, no optimization can compensate for the superior energy efficiency, inherent in electric drives.

The higher efficiency, reliability, low maintenance cost and longer life of electrical systems are well known and accepted in the equipment industry world wide. These systems are now also  introduced in other cargo handling equipment, including straddle carriers, stacking cranes and automated vehicles.

The Gottwald design permits straightforward connection to an external power supply, bypassing the dieselgenerator.

Ports such as Södertälje and Oskarshamn have recently connected their cranes to an external power source, which offers additional benefits through reduced service costs on the diesel engine, and still lower energy consumption.

Also noise and emission of fumes and CO2 are reduced.

As the dieselgenerator is simply bypassed, service costs are reduced and lubricants are saved.

The new Generation 5 features a number of attractive features such as wireless remote controls as well as positive air pressure in the crane, keeping out dust from bulk handling.

All stairways are made of aluminium, adding further corrosion protection. Paint systems are waterbased and environmentally friendly.